Thursday, February 2, 2012

Republic Day celebration (26th January,2012)

63rd Republic Day was celebrated in BIS with the unfurling of the flag by Mr. H.S. Asnani (Member District Legal Service Authority) Chief Guest for the Occasion. Mr. Vijay Mehta (Member Permanent Lok Adalat) and Mr. Prem Singh Chauhan (Reader District Consumer Forum, Ajmer) who kindly consented to be the special guests for the occasion. The flag hoisting was followed by National Anthem and parade after which the Headmistress introduced the chief Guest. The air was charged with Patriotism as Sana Mehra and Jangvir recited their poems “Republic Day”and “Aisa Bjharat Varsh Banai”. The significance of this day was summed up in the English and Hindi Speech by Arun Singh Bhati and Raghav Laddha .The song “Mera Karma Tu, Mera Dharma Tu” was sung melodiously by the choir group.The spirit of “Hum Hain Tayyar” was induced through a small presentation by the budding BIS gymnasts. Jayesh Jain’s compering was commendable.

The Chief Guest during his address to the gathering spoke on the importance of freedom and how we can make the use of the rights and duties given to us by the constitution to draft a better life for self and the people around us. The programme ended with Principal thanking the Esteemed Guests followed by sweet distribution.

First CIE Results announced (23 January,2012)

Birla International School conducted its first Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination in November 2011. 27 students of Grade VII appeared for this exam. The much awaited results of CIE were uploaded by CIE on CIE Direct, on January 23, 2012. BIS succeeded in creating a mark in this very first face off with the highly prestigious Cambridge International Examinations. The students were graded on a 6-point scale. Most of the students got 5 or 6 grade in all the three subjects. Majority of them were able to pull it up, this definitely is a positive result. Varun Chawla brought pride and honour to the school globally, by achieving the highest grade-6 in all the three curriculum areas. The Cambridge International Examinations are definitely a broad platform for us to prove the caliber of students and attain feedback on their learning.

Visit to Jaipur literature festival (21 January,2012)

Birla International School arranged a visit for grade 7th students alongwith teacher escorts to the Largest Literature Festival in Asia –Pacific - ‘Jaipur Literature Festival’ on 21 Jan2012 at Diggi Palace,Jaipur. The main attraction for the children was to meet and hear Mr.Prasoon Joshi and Shri Gulzarji. We were awed and thrilled to hear the song sung by Mr.Prasoon Joshi and reveled in the lovely imaginary drawn by Gulzarji in his poems.

The distinguished speakers also expressed their concern regarding the very short span of childhood and the loss of fantasizing ability to think creatively in the wake of digital technology where prototypes rule a child’s imagination.

It was a lifetime experience for students to interact and move amongst the literary giants and the group returned highly charged to begin their foray into the world of literature.

Inauguration of Temple (15th January,2012)

The murti sthapana of the newly constructed temple at Birla International School, Kishangarh was conducted on Sunday 15 January 2011. Situated on a hillock at the rear of the School near the Wellness Centre, the temple presented a picturesque sight as the gleaming white abode of worship dazzled in the winter sunlight. The red marble columns provided a vivid contrast against an azure sky. The classical arches and the Rajasthani style jaalis imparted an airy ambience to the beautiful designed temple. Each pristine white dome was topped with a golden spire. Saffron flags fluttered gaily in the brisk wind.
Under the guidance of the pundits, the School Principal and Mrs Ranwaka led the pooja along with Mrs Nutan Singh and Dr. D.P. Singh, accompanied by members of the academic and non-teaching staff and above all – the enthusiastic students of the School.

English Skit Competition(15th January,2012)

On this day there was a phenomenal display of passion for dramatic art which is inherent in man by the young and buzzing artists of the school wherein each mentor group presented a spectacular mix of themes and ideas ranging from corruption,child labour justice ,wit ,suspense through their English Skits at the school quadrangle.

The competition was judged by Mr. Pramod Rawanka, Principal BIS and Mrs. Nutan Singh, Headmistress BIS.

Makar Sakranti celebration in BIS

‘Lets go and fly a kite

And send it soaring high!’

Keeping the tradition of Makar Sakranti and its importance, all the lawns of BIS were occupied by enthusiastic students and teachers right after breakfast with strings in their hands, some eyes glued to the sky sending up the various hued kites, some were kite runners ,others challengers swiftly cutting others strings and a few preferred being spectators . Our Respected Principal, Mr. P.K Ranwaka surprised us by his expertise in kite flying. Children not only flew the readymade kites but also their own made ones. The children with minds on wings had their kites on winds !

Lohri celebration in BIS

BIS family reveled on this joyous harvest festival of our country known as Lohri in North India and as Pongal in South India with warmth of the bonfire on the chill winter night , rocking and swirling on Punjabi beats dressed in traditional Punjabi outfits and eating peanuts . Initially students were briefed about the significance of this festival after which the staff and students performed puja around the fire .An Excellent way to keep warm and fit!